1st Birthday Party Photography Lugano: happy moments

I took portraits of this cutie when she was just 17 days old. There are certain moments of her at that age that look exactly like when she turns one. It was great to be part of this grand celebration. The party took place at the lounge of Tabla - Mediterranian /indian food restaurant in Lugano. The food was great, the entertainment was superb. Martino from i Burloni certainly knows how to keep the kids busy and smiling. 

Check out:

Location: Tabla 

Entertainment: Martino from i Burloni


Fotografo famiglie Lugano: i ritratti lifestyle

Autumn is my favorite time to photograph families. It's such a beautiful time of the year here in Ticino. The light is beautiful, the colors of the trees change with every weekend session. It's still warm, but not too hot. No wonder it's the busiest time of the year for family photography. It's never too early to start planning the gifts for the holiday season. Yes, I just said that. But I didn't mention the C word just yet. I'll wait until gets colder and the snow starts covering the surrounding mountains.

Here is a little preview from a recent round of mini sessions. I love this family! Can't wait to share more!

family photographer Lugano Egle Berruti

Spring mini sessions for charity

As I was browsing my facebook lately I noticed my dear client Helle was traveling to Philippines. She is a wonderful mom to a beautiful blonde princess that appeared a number of times in my photos - I'm sure you've met her. Lugano is such a small place! 

Helle has been posting photos from her trip that are heartbreaking. The country is being rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 2013 and Helle's family is helping the locals to rebuild their lives and homes. 

The Philippine people are touching my heart in so many ways.....
They are such a loving and kind people.....
Everyday here on Bohol they teach me values of love and humanity.
I send out thanks and gratitude to them all for being such lovely people
— Helle

Helle asked the headmaster for the list of what is needed to rebuild the school.

- Demolition and clearing of damaged buildings 1000fr
- Rehabilitation of water facilities and construction of 2 toilets 600fr
- Construction of stock rooms 600fr
- 1 year School Supplies for 500 enrolled children 2000fr
- Snacks for the children during school hours 200fr

As I look at the list, there is this only thought in my head - with just one mini session we can make a big difference. And if we do five of them? Let's do it?! 

So here I announce my Spring mini sessions in the gardens of Villa Sassa Hotel, Residence & Spa. There will be 5 slots available. All proceeds will go towards rebuilding the Cogon Norte Elementary School in Loon, Philippines. If you have had a mini session with me already, you know it's a fun experience. Please share this with your friends who you think might enjoy a quick family photo update.

Feel free to contact me for more information about the photography side of the mini sessions and if you'd like to know more about the project, please contact Helle.

I'm so excited about this! Click here to contact me and book your slot! If you can't make it, we would much appreciate even the smallest donation https://www.youcaring.com/CogonNorteSchool

Pregnancy photographer Lugano: telling your story

This session has been featured in a lovely blog Let the Kids. Please check it out if you are looking for a family photographer and need just a little inspiration to see what type of family photography is for you. You'll find the best of the industry there, at least in my humble opinion.

Every photography session has it's story behind. Every time I photograph I leave my personal touch in there, it's impossible otherwise. This is what I can tell about this one:

The client booked me for a maternity photosession. It was very exciting as I was expecting myself and naturally, my feelings, emotions and preoccupations about pregnancy shine through the images. We spoke a lot about how we were feeling, what is ahead for us. It’s all mixed feelings. Happiness about the new baby and worrying about being able to cope as a mother. Dreaming what they will be like and feeling anxiety about the birth experience.

The photoshoot took place first at home, where her cat that time was still the boss. This mamma to be loves the nature and later on we went for a walk to her favorite place, Lago Origlio.

We connected in our story. Our babies were born just 9 days apart. I am full of joy and happiness that my baby girl has brought me. Looking back most of my preoccupations were unnecessary and now watching the pictures I keep wondering how this photoshoot would have gone had I been contacted now rather than a couple of month ago…

Baby photographer Lugano: first shopping

I remember the feeling when we did the first big shopping for baby clothes in Varese and entered the girl side of kids' Zara.

I thought I would end up buying every-single-cute-little-outfit there. My husband, however, following the old habits, kept browsing boys' side, looking for girlie stuff. Change is not easy, huh?

Me, no matter where I go, I can't leave the photographic mind behind me, just kept thinking what would photograph well. Crazy stuff... But you can't deny, this one was a good choice, wasn't it?

Children birthday party photography Lugano

I get to photograph children gatherings of all sorts, but most often I end up not publishing them. I'm very excited today to share moments from my boy's birthday party. He turned 4! My little boy is not that little anymore. Strangely though, the terrible twos are still on in full power. Apparently they don't end up with two, not even four. Let's hope it passes by by his next birthday!

Getting back to the topic. The season of carnaval is starting around in Ticino. Lukas was very happy with his Capitan America outfit. I have no idea, where and how he got to know all the super heroes - must be kindergarten influence. Anyway, he's very happy with it, so we thought of organizing a party for kids to dress up and practice before the carnaval. It was so much fun! Birthdays can be hard work to get organized, but seeing the kids happy running around and hugging their friends, the sparkles of joy in their eyes is priceless.


Lifestyle newborn photographer Lugano: my pink sparrow

This is my little bundle of joy. 12 days old. My baby who murmurs like a kitten, has the softest skin and smiles with her eyes when looking at me. I'm still on the other planet on the 'babymoon', slowly getting back to normal life. Wish it would last longer... Strangely enough I felt hesitant even to photograph her, then regretting it. She already changed so much since she was born. I have to remind myself, I can't miss even one day without having a memory of the way she is. Looking at this I can even smell her, my little pink sparrow ♥