Atmospheric event photography and storytelling

Your party, your story. Told through details and moments of joy and human interaction. You might have hosted beautiful events requiring month and month of preparation, to find that the beauty of the day is still in your heart, but somewhat not quite there in the material form. Would you like to relive those moments printed on beautiful Fine Art paper album telling the unique story of your event? If it matters to you, how it FEELS to be in your event, we might be a good match!



You had that flash of idea. You had dreamt of it or perhaps it came up whilst just casually conversing on the phone with your friend overseas. You brought it to life. You had it executed to perfection to the last detail. I'm here to capture it for you!



Happy moments, friendly chatter, children running around. Laughter, dancing, a moment of reflection. Being in a moment. Your dad hugging you before walking down the isle.  Your photographer notices it all. It's all about mastering the art of documenting human interaction. Are we a good match even here?



The sound of silver touching a fine bone china plate. The smell of popcorn in cinema hall. The rough texture of paper. The smell of the sea and that perfect sense of quiet luxury. A good photograph can evoke that. It's not what it looks like, it's what it FEELS like what's important. 

These pictures are amazing and beyond what I had hoped for!!! They are so wonderful they brought tears to my eyes! My husband is beyond the moon with the pictures as well.
— Erika (who organised a surprise 50th birthday party for her husband)