Egle Berruti is a family, kids and all beautiful things  photographer in Lugano, Switzerland 

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Mostly specialized in exclusive childrens' party photography, Egle occasionally photographs grown up events as well.

Food & Lifestyle

Food is a joy in life, a beauty in itself. Egle loves visiting restaurant spaces for visual storytelling. Homes, gardens make beautiful stories, too!

Candid lifestyle photography. Life moments. Beautifully real and true to you

I'm Egle, Lithuanian photographer based in Lugano, Switzerland. Specialized in families, food and other happy moments of life. Big believer in beauty, I'll find it everywhere - people, relationships, places and spaces.

Life consists of many moments. I document the meaningful ones, the ones unique to you.

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Ever wondered how much fun a family photo session can be?


Well, it actually IS easier and more fun than you think. Think of it as family time together. Be prepared things will go wrong, but if it's a first session for you, your photographer has seen many. Believe me, kids rarely behave in family sessions. It's OK. Most important that we all have FUN!



Food photography and storytelling


Telling the story with the details - let it be a restaurant, hotel, garden or yoga studio.


Your party will forever be in your memories as long as it's in the photographs


Kids' events are one of my favorites to photograph as they involve a wide array of true emotions. Be it with a clown, live parrots' show or a picnic in the park, your party will be covered from decorations to even a couple of family portraits! Make sure you invite grandparents. The more, the merrier!