Daddy Was A Milkman going POSITIVUS

I've got lucky to follow one of my favorite artists on their first big festival gig in the biggest music festival of Baltic States in Latvia - Positivus 2016. 

Daddy Was A Milkman is a new Lithuanian music project, their most famous song "Breathe In" featuring in most of my family photography slideshows. I've photographed the lead singer's family a number of times and feel honored to be invited on this new adventure in music and festival photography. This is the backstage of the whole three days we spent together. 


Arrived late, parked the camper. 


Neighbors baked some pancakes for breakfast (thank you, guys!). After that went out for a walk, checked out the Palladium stage the band would be performing at the day after. Is it going to be filled up for their show?

Watched the bands playing, danced, walked at the beach, soaked in the festival atmosphere in full. Like that.

Oh, and had some of the best burgers at the trailer park! Thank you, Charlestons!


The big day is here. People are coming in. Backstage some funny action going with bands fishing their equipment off of weirdest places moments before their performance.