Baby photographer Lugano: first shopping

I remember the feeling when we did the first big shopping for baby clothes in Varese and entered the girl side of kids' Zara.

I thought I would end up buying every-single-cute-little-outfit there. My husband, however, following the old habits, kept browsing boys' side, looking for girlie stuff. Change is not easy, huh?

Me, no matter where I go, I can't leave the photographic mind behind me, just kept thinking what would photograph well. Crazy stuff... But you can't deny, this one was a good choice, wasn't it?

Children birthday party photography Lugano

I get to photograph children gatherings of all sorts, but most often I end up not publishing them. I'm very excited today to share moments from my boy's birthday party. He turned 4! My little boy is not that little anymore. Strangely though, the terrible twos are still on in full power. Apparently they don't end up with two, not even four. Let's hope it passes by by his next birthday!

Getting back to the topic. The season of carnaval is starting around in Ticino. Lukas was very happy with his Capitan America outfit. I have no idea, where and how he got to know all the super heroes - must be kindergarten influence. Anyway, he's very happy with it, so we thought of organizing a party for kids to dress up and practice before the carnaval. It was so much fun! Birthdays can be hard work to get organized, but seeing the kids happy running around and hugging their friends, the sparkles of joy in their eyes is priceless.


Lifestyle newborn photographer Lugano: my pink sparrow

This is my little bundle of joy. 12 days old. My baby who murmurs like a kitten, has the softest skin and smiles with her eyes when looking at me. I'm still on the other planet on the 'babymoon', slowly getting back to normal life. Wish it would last longer... Strangely enough I felt hesitant even to photograph her, then regretting it. She already changed so much since she was born. I have to remind myself, I can't miss even one day without having a memory of the way she is. Looking at this I can even smell her, my little pink sparrow ♥

Family photographer Lugano: a story from the stables

This was back in summer when I met this lovely family at their favorite place - da l'Angelica, stables in Rodero, Como. I have to admit, it was the first time ever I was this close to horses and it was a little scary to photograph, especially when the little Miro' (the cutie in the very first photo) always tried to kiss me! 

There are places that have certain magic and this is one of them. Hopefully we can meet there again!

Destination baby photography: featured

Viktorija and Benukas have been featured on little umbrella blog today!

He's only 2.5 month old and adores his mom. This is one of my favorite baby photography sessions ever. Also because of the timing so special to myself. Expecting a second child and working a lot I tend to get whirled into the routine and forget to enjoy the waiting, the miracle that is ahead of me. This is one of the most beautiful reminders. Slow down and enjoy...

TASIS middle school graduation preview * Lugano

Middle school students of The American School in Switzerland had their graduation ceremony last Friday. It was such a wonderful day, full of laughter, hugs, love and tears... as some of them will not be coming back next year. Thank you guys, I really enjoyed photographing your special day!


And this little lady is not a student there yet, but was fully enjoying the day with her family. Such a cutie, isn't she?


Family photography in Lugano: family time in Comano

You've met the women of this family already - they have been with me and in front of my camera since I first took it in my hands. It's always fun to spend time with them. And this time, before Christmas season we went out for a walk around Comano for family portraits to be used for Christmas cards. Comano is a village just outside Lugano. I was surprised at how nice and cosy it is.

Me and Lukas went there for the English speaking mother-toddler group

'Primi passi'

 that I can only recommend. My little boy hears English around him all the time, but as it's his third language, never uses it. I already see that after a few nursery rhyme songs he started saying a word or two in English. And I'm humming those for the rest of the week.

I'm a little teapot short ant stout.. here is my handle and... 

back to the family. Enjoy!

Lugano newborn lifestyle and documentary photography

When it was still nice and warm I had a great pleasure photographing this little cute girl. I remember when I first heard that her mummy was expecting, it was a nice and sunny day. Whenever I remember meeting them both, it's always accompanied by warmth and sun. And I don't think it is because we live in Lugano. It's simply because they are two rays of sunshine, one of the nicest people I've ever met. And you still haven't got to know their papà! Yet for the moment, please meet baby Ilda